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Babobab Solitaire

Baobab Solitaire is easy to play free variant of habitual solitaire with wonderful pictures and good interface
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28 October 2010

Editor's review

Cards games are among the greatest puzzle games that are being invented by human. It is a great brain teaser which can help you to easily kill time and at the same time increase your mental ability. Babobab Solitaire 1.0.EN is one such similar cards game meant to help you spend your free time as well as keep you entertain for hours. Babobab Solitaire has got a great game play along with a tremendous look that certainly weighs this game much better than anyone of its peers. You can easily download this game of Solitaire from the internet and play it for free. The game can be effortlessly installed in your system and will not at all affect the performance of your system. It has been built with a great graphics that looks very pleasing plus a melodious music that will relax your mind which you can disable in case you want a silence play.

Babobab Solitaire incurs a great puzzle game where you need to arrange the available dibs of card present in the desk room in a sequence which totals 21 on both row as well as column counts. When you will put any row or Column in a totaling sum of 21 it will be given the name of Hieroglyph. Even though the game is very easy it has its own ways to trick the players with some of the brain teasers and difficulties that you should be aware of. In order to save yourself from any loss, you should make sure that in a row or column the entire count of 21 points must not exceed. There are other difficulties which you will learn once you get on with this game.

Babobab Solitaire version 1.0.EN is extremely safe to use as it does not contain any kind of spyware or viruses being absolutely free. We rate this game with a score of 3.5 on 5.

Publisher's description

What can you choose more entertaining than well known not difficult game of patience to spend the free time? Download the gratuitous solitaire - Baobab Solitaire. It is a free patience puzzle with a wonderful look which will interest you. Player's main goal is to arrange all the dibs from the desk room in such a mode that any row or column would get a total amount of 21. The position, when any column or column contains dibs with a total sum of 21, is named Hieroglyph. Player has are some main risks. The one is to make more than 21 points in any row or column. If such situation occurs, the row or row disappears and you lose some points. The other risk is when you put cards in all places on the board without getting Hieroglyphs. And the third one is the time, which runs very quickly. To end the game you should gain a fixed number of Hieroglyphs.
Babobab Solitaire
Babobab Solitaire
Version 1.0
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